Garage Saling Guide

Garage Sale Signs

Having a good garage sale sign is important here are some helpful signage tips to attract more visitors:

  • Make sure the sign is readable – Having the address clearly written so those driving by will be able to make it out.
  • Arrows Pointing in the right direction – Nothing irks somebody more than getting the run around because the arrow pointed them to go east when they were supposed to go west. This will surely cost you valuable visitors.
  • Where to put the signs – Within a 2 mile radius in every direction you should post signs or a little bit further if there is a busy road that you can funnel more traffic through.
  • What to make it out of – You can take any cardboard or poster material and use black and other attractive attention getting colors that are easy to read. You can also purchase the traditional garage sale sign at any online retailer or local hardware store. Neon colors will also be attractive.
  • Bigger signs attract more attention – With a couple large signs you will surely attract attention well beyond what a little measly sign could do. However, be considerate of the neighborhood to not make the sign to obtrusive and distracting. Poster board size is about as large as you should need to go.
  • When to post the signs – It's safe to post your signs the afternoon before the sale.
  • Remove signs after the sale – Once the garage sale has been completed make sure to take down your signs within the 24 hours as you don't want unwanted visitors coming to your house looking for a sale that is over.