Garage Saling Guide

Tips for advertising your garage sale

Advertising is the single most important part of your sale. If you do not advertise your garage sale properly you will lack the visitors, and you will have gone through the effort of setting up a sale for only a small amount of money.

  • Start advertising up to two weeks in advance online. You can use our free services at Garage Sales Tracker where you will be exposed to thousands of visitors as well as to the millions of users with our iPhone application.
  • You can also place an advertisement in the classifieds of your local newspaper for 3 lines and approximately $19-29.99 depending on readership and location.
  • Be very descriptive in your ad with your address, local landmarks, as well as what items you are selling. The more details you provide the better the opportunity of attracting more buyers.
  • Make a note in your ad of any specifics about your sale, the time, if early birds are forbidden and such.