Garage Saling Guide

Planning your garage sale

  • When to have the Sale – The majority of sales take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings starting anywhere from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 and can run as late as 4:00 P.M.
  • Where to have the sale – If you live in a large community speak with the neighbors and home owners association about putting together a large group sale. This is a great benefit because it attracts more people along with more families advertising the sale.
  • Make sure all items are cleaned and look presentable for sale
  • Use Three tables – This is great when setting up a U shape so you can command and keep an eye on everything
  • Post the signs accordingly as mentioned before
  • Collect paper bags and plastics up to two weeks prior to help bag up items for visitors
  • Start an Hour before the sale – It's always a lot more than it looks like so start setting up the yard an hour to half hour before the time you plan to start. Also to be on the safe side from early birds stopping by and distracting you from setting up.
  • Grab proper change including five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. Quarters are also good to have on hand. Carry either a change box or wear a fanny pack to make it easy to have the money in safe place.