Trip Planner for Garage Sales

We'd like to introduce our new trip planner for garage sales. This feature automatically plans out and optimizes driving directions from your house to all your bookmarked garage sales This allows you to save time, money, and most importantly gives you peace of mind.

This quick tutorial will help you get started with how to use the trip planner feauture in Garage Sale Tracker.
To use this feature you will need to be a registered member of Garage Sales Tracker. To log in or register free Click Here

After you have bookmarked your garage sales, click the "View Trip Planner", located on the left navigation to view your trip planner for the next seven days. Notice that you can also click the "Trip Planner" icon on the top of the bookmarked listings page.

Click on the "View Trip Planner" button on the left side of your bookmarked listings.

Now if your have forgotten to bookmark a listing an error message will appear. Note that this message will appear if one of two things happened; one you have not bookmarked any garage sales, or two your garage sale occurs the following week.

This error message will appear if you have not bookmark any listings

If you have bookmarked garage sales who's sale date is within the next seven days our trip planner will group the listings for you the following way. All sales will be grouped by the date of the sale. In other words, if you have two garage sales bookmarked, one who's sale date is on Thursday and the other on Saturday. The trip planner will seperate the sales into two days, which appears as two tabs (as shown below).

Our Trip Planner shows the most recent day of bookmarked of garage sale listings

You can switch between days by clicking on the tab for the day of the sale(s).

Click the tab of the next day of your bookmarked garage sale listing

The next step is to enter your home address to plan your trip in the text box provided below. Following that, Click on the "Plan Route" button to generate your driving directions to all your garage sales. Now if you have your address stored in your profile, it automatically appears in the text box by default.

After filling out your address in the text box area click the "Plan Route" button

To print out your trip, scrool down and click on the print icon located directly under the map.

Click the "Print" icon to print the directions