Sisters In Charge "Westbury" Grandma Saved Everything Fun Sale

Dates & Times

Sunday, Jun 14, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sale Address

46 Bonnie Dr, Westbury, NY 11590


***DUE TO RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE CDC, SISTERS IN CHARGE WILL ONLY BE HAVING 10 PEOPLE AT A TIME IN THE HOUSE. PLEASE SIGN IN WITH YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER AND WAIT IN YOUR CAR.WE WILL CALL OR TEXT YOU TO COME INTO THE HOUSE. WE ADVISE YOU TO BRING MASKS AND GLOVES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING*** Stay Safe!Stunning Carved Marble Top French Louis XV Sideboard Server Buffet Acrylic Table Base With Brass Tray Top Double Sided Asian Room Divider Screen Mid-Century Geometric Art Bernard Buffet Clown Art Ruth Leaf Artist Proof Zabinski Art Asian Art Classics Baseball Card Collections 70's & 80's Vintage German Wine Glasses Multi Color Tons of Vintage Music Sheets Ephemera Tons of Vintage Art work, Artist Proofs, Lithographs and More Chandeliers Vintage Electronics Tons Of Vintage Smalls TONS of DVDs Monfort Ordinal Western Sculpture Austin Sculptures Bard Art Spoon Collections Albums/78's RevereWare Copper Vintage Grundig Radio TONS of Books Bedroom Suites Settee Vintage Secretary Vintage Lighting To Choose From Vintage Toys/Games/Atari & More Vintage Jewelry Cameras/Typewriters TONS To Uncover!! Fun Sale !


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