Fendol Farms Community Yard Sale

Dates & Times

Saturday, Jun 13, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sale Address

1014 Tamarisk Ln, Durham, NC 27703


The newly built community, Fendol Farms, is hosting a community yard sale. A map of addresses included in the sale will be provided at our Sales Center (1003 White Bark Ln. Durham-in google maps try typing Lennar at Fendol Farms for the appropriate home). This neighborhood is separated into two sections, one being off Leesville Rd. the other off of Doc Nichols Rd (see photos) so be sure to explore both! You can also find participating addresses by checking for a balloon outside their home. These are new homeowners in a luxury community so they are selling tons of high quality items for the lowest prices in town!!


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