You Need This Stuff ! We, Too, Offer Curb-Side Service !

Dates & Times

Saturday, Jun 6, 2020
8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sale Address

Meadowheath Dr, Austin, TX 78729


Dealing with cancer/medical costs, plus 90-year-old mother has just been placed in a nursing home. We have SEVERAL POSTS on Craig's List, with photos, check them all out ! Terrific collectibles ! After 1 June 2020, we hope to resume with multiple sale dates. If interested in something, and don't want to wait for the Sale, make a reasonable offer at, and let's make arrangements for you to purchase it pre-sale "curbside". With everything listed, I will negotiate if your offer is reasonable to me. Cash only, you haul.

In addition to numerous fine "dust collectors", a few vintage Avon pieces, Coca Cola Collectible items, vintage cookie tins, a nice fondue set, old Tupperware, Thomas Kincaid prints, women's shoes from the 1980s and 1990s, an old 55-gallon drum, a BEAUTIFUL Jewelry box, a concrete bench, and the "usual Yard Sale stuff", we have:

Costume Jewelry: Some of these are Heirlooms from ca 1900. The remainder are items from 1940s to 1990s. Some items are in baggies individually, and some I have bagged 2 or 3 per baggie. I will sell individual items from baggies that contain 2 or 3 items, but if it's a matching set, I prefer to not break it up. Bids for entire lot of jewelry are also being considered.
Clown Collection: Handmade tissue box is $10, the figurines (except for the Kellys) vary in price from $2 to $5. Emmett Kelly Jr. figurines: Flambro porcelain, signed by artist. Asking $40 a piece for those, and I will negotiate if it's reasonable, but I won't split the set.
My Well-Loved "Blue Willow" Tea Set: Made in Japan, and my uncle gave it to me ca. 1953. 3 of the pieces are cracked/broken/glued. Like I said, I loved my Tea Set! There are 27 pieces, and if I can find the teapot (while digging out items for the sales !), there will be 29 pieces. Asking $60 for the set, and I will negotiate if it's reasonable.
1950s to 1970s Sewing collection (THIS IS OLD STUFF):

Sears Electric Scissors, Like New, asking $25
McCall's How to Quilt It ca 1973, asking $10
McCall's Pattern 1808, ca. 1957, asking $30
McCall's Pattern 1720, ca. 1952, asking $15
McCall's Pattern 1706, ca. 1950, asking $10
Simplicity Pattern 2328, ca. 1957, asking $20
Simplicity Pattern 2294, ca. 1950s, asking $10
Simplicity Pattern 2254, ca. 1950s, asking $20

Asking $50 for all:
McCall's Kaumagraph Transfer Patterns may well be from the 1920s to 1940s. Patterns 1409, 1431, 1435. American Thread Company Pattern 108.
Simplicity Pattern 7275
Early 1960s plastic Cowboys and Indians. There's over 100 pieces, and about 50 are stamped Kimpro Toys England. Like New condition. Asking $100 for the entire set.
8 piece, Royal Signet Bavarian China in "Blackberry". This beautiful pattern has been discontinued, and can only be found at Yard Sales, or on online replacement websites. No chips or cracks, like new condition. Never used. Asking $200 for the set, and I will negotiate if it's reasonable, but I won't split the set.
"Fender" Guitar Pick: Researched this, feel it to be Pre-CBS 1960s No "R". Inherited from my super-hip 1960s sister, who passed recently. I don't know the story behind it, but as much as she moved, for her to keep this, it had a story. Asking $50, but as always, will negotiate if reasonable.
Wine-Making Kit. Never used. Asking $30.
Early 1950s Dolls: "Raving Beauty" ($40), "Revlon Doll" ($30), Vogue Company Boston "Jill" ($50) and "Ginny" ($100), my old Bride Doll ($25), Doll with lamb's wool hair ($40), 1956 “Nina Ballerina Doll” ($40), and a doll with painted-on hair, and much more. There is also A LOT of clothes that Mama made, using the patterns listed above. Each doll has a very special story. Would sell the entire lot for $250. These were also well-loved by me as a little girl, and it shows ! Some are heat-damaged. That being said, a dealer might love to have these treasures ! Must see to believe !
Teak "Titanic Steamer Lounge Chair", like-new condition, asking $200.
1900 Ludwig Upright Piano: Needs work. Needs tuning of course. The woodwork is just fine. These run about $1500 on eBay. Asking $500 but will definitely negotiate if you will just haul it away for us.

See you then !


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