Garage Sale - Date Changed To 10/22!!!

Dates & Times

Friday, Oct 22, 2021
8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Sale Address

12620 Whisper Way, Fishers, IN 46037


Items Include:
Knick-Knacks (home decor, flashlights, jewelry, etc.)
Clothing (sports jerseys, jackets, shirts, boots, etc.)
Electronics (vintage camera set, chromebook, tablet, etc.)
Small Appliances (space heater, electric can opener, air fryer, etc.)
Music/Sound Equipment (well used drum set, subwoofer, vintage style modern record player, etc.)
Sports Stuff (football, baseball gloves, football helmet, etc.)
Miscellaneous (crutches, windshield scrapers, perfume, rugs, etc.)
Non-regular Unlisted Garage Sale Items (vintage rocking chair - $700, Beatles Vinyls - $50-$150, Johnny Cash collectors items ($20-$400), premium hunting boots ($120), High End Christmas dinner-ware set - $650, and a few other collectors items per inquire.
And More!
Call 317-652-8765 if you are interested in any of the premium items!


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